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My name is Brittany Wilson

As an experienced career coach, human resources professional, sales professional, sports coach, and life-long learner, I will help you explore the possibilities, create clarity, and act to achieve your career dreams. 

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My coaching expertise

I have several years of experience as a sales and human resources professional, helping professionals reach their dreams and potential. My career experience is in recruiting, training, communications, and career development. I have helped people of all audiences like students, early talents, professionals, return-to-work, managers, and executives reach their career goals. Moreso, I've navigated my own career transitions: from transitioning industries to transitioning job functions.


Outside of my professional work, I also worked as a track and field coach, so I bring performance psychology to my coaching to help you break down your goals into simple, attainable action steps. 

What is Career Candor?

Career Candor is a career development coaching, advising, and training organization. I offer one-on-one career development services for individuals looking to level up in their career or search for a new job. I also offer career development coaching and training to organizations. 

My philosophy & coaching methodology

When I asked my clients to describe my coaching style, they said I was approachable, encouraging, and empathetic.

I aim to create a space where my clients are energized to act. I start by leading with transparency and integrity, you can always ensure that I will tell it as it is, be honest, and do the right thing. To energize my clients, I help create actionable goals that they can follow that fits their life. Being that I have human resources, sales, and sports experience, I like to marry those worlds. So, as a coach, you can expect me to focus on goals and actions as well as changing your internal dialog to help you get there. 

My qualifications

I have worked 10 years in human resources, sales, and as a sports coach. Through my jobs, I have thousands of hours studying and applying performance psychology, positive psychology, and training & development.


In addition to my on-the-job expertise, I am a formally trained and certified career coach through the accredited coaching educational institution, Erickson International. To receive this certification, I completed 100+ hours of formal coaching education. I am also pursuing an accreditation from the International Coaching Federation. In addition, I am a trained career advisor at a Fortune 500 company with over 500 clients.

I hold a bachelor of science degree in psychology and a master of science degree in organizational development and leadership. 

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