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I've got a BIG announcement

Changes are coming, and it’s all great news!

The past few years have been incredible for Allucere Coaching. To continue expanding my services and products, I’ve decided to do a major rebrand. 

As you may have already noticed, our name has changed from Allucere Coaching to Career Candor. And with a brand new name comes a new website, new products, and new services, too! The new website address is

Don’t worry, you’re still getting the same exact one-on-one career coaching and advising that I was provided before, but now, I’m adding new products, new services, and a new referral program. 

Why the name change?
Let’s be honest, allucere is hard to say and spell; it’s not exactly “google.” So, first, I needed a name that was easy to remember. Second, I wanted a name that reflected who I am, how I support, and how I show up. I wanted a name that reflected my open, transparent, and supportive style, all while focusing on career development topics. After too many hours overthinking it, I finally came up with Career Candor.

What’s changing?
Nothing will go away. At Career Candor, I’ll still offer the same, confidential career coaching and advising services that I’ve had all along like career path coaching, resume reviews, interview preparation, and more. But now, I’m announcing a few new products and services to help even more people. Now, I’m offering a limited-time referral program. 

What are new products and services are you offering?
I'm offering a ton of new services, especially for enterprises, and I'm offering new products.

Outplacement services for small and mid-size companies
Layoffs are a dark time in anyone’s career - I would know, I went through one in 2023 and now I’ve helped many other people navigate their layoff. But no one should be alone during a layoff. Now, I offer boutique outplacement services for small and mid-size businesses. Do you know any employer who is about to do a layoff, recommend my services to them! I’ll help all their impacted employees with career coaching, career advising, and career development training on all the heavy topics like job searching strategies, resume reviews, interview preparation, and more. If you know a company or business owner who might be interested, send them my way! 

Career development and leadership development company trainings
Career development is a huge piece of employee retention. In fact, 30% of employees who quit their job said it’s because of the lack of professional development opportunities. If you think your company is missing career development and leadership development training, hire me! With nearly a decade of training and facilitation experience, I am a pro at facilitating trainings. I can facilitate a variety of workshops including leadership development, career advancement for high potentials, growth mindset, resume tips & tricks, building your professional brand, and more. I’ll work with each and every company to design a curriculum that fits their needs. Have them contact me, today!

Speaking engagements
As a thought leader in career development, leadership development, and organizational culture, I’m happy to share my experiences as a speaker or panelist. Have a company conference and need a keynote speaker? I’m your woman. Have an international women’s month panel? I’ll be there. Check out some of my most sought-after topics and share them with your employer, friends, and family. 

New products and courses
You may have already noticed that I started creating an online store (including the ultimate resume and cover letter guide). This store will continue to grow with more career development products and online courses. Let me know if there’s a product or course you’d love to see from me!

A new coaching and advising sign up service
Paying for services has just got a whole lot easier! Now, when you sign up for career coaching and career advising services, you can pay for your sessions with a few clicks securely online when you're booking a new session.

How does the referral program work?
I’m offering a limited-time referral program to you. If you refer one new career coaching client to me, you’ll get 50% off your next career coaching session. If you refer a new company client, you’ll get two free career coaching sessions. It all comes as a thanks to you for helping me help more people. 

So I promise, you’ll still get the same one-on-one career coaching services as you always have. Now, I offer even more programs to help many more people. 

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