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You're writing your cover letters all wrong

Recruiters and hiring managers may be reviewing hundreds, if not thousands, of applications. So, you need your cover letter to be quick, concise, and to-the-point so they can scan it and find the relevant information that's going to get you invited to an interview.

Traditionally, cover letters have been in paragraph form, which is difficult to read in the fast-paced world we live in now. Instead, use formatting to call attention to the skills that recruiters are looking for.

Let's breakdown what a cover letter should look like.

1 - Make your cover letter header identical to your resume

Your resume and cover letter is part of your brand. So, make your brand recognizable and cohesive by using the same format across both your resume and cover letter.

2 - Address the cover letter to the employer

If you know the name of the hiring team, mention them by name in the cover letter. If you do not, remove the “Attn” line, including the name and title, and instead start with the place of employment.

3 - Start your cover letter with a genuine greeting

Cover letters are meant to be customized for every job you write them for. So, use your first paragraph to mention a deep, genuine reason for applying to the job, showing your personal investment to the company.

4 - List three relevant skills

This section will be called out with formatting by utilizing white space and bolding to draw the attention of the recruiter and hiring manager. This is where you will sell yourself. Pick three skills from the jobs description, and talk about your education or experience in the right hand side of the page.

5 - Close your cover letter

Hiring managers want to know that you're excited for the job. Express excitement and openness to connect.

By using formatting to your advantage, you can stand out to a hiring team amungst a sea of applicants.
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